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Retired City Court Judge to Challenge Assemblyman John Ceretto

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. -- Former Niagara Falls City Court Judge Angelo Morinello is throwing his hat in the ring for Assembly in the 145th District. He just retired this month, but says he is not ready to stop working for the people yet.

The 70-year-old says he received unanimous Republican support and is also seeking the endorsement of other parties as well.

"I feel that my background and experience can help me break through the cycle of corruption and make some changes that would benefit all of the citizens," Morinello said.

After serving his first ten-year term as City Court Judge in Niagara Falls, Morinello successfully re-ran for a second term, but it was cut short when he was forced into mandatory retirement.

"The people expected me to serve them for 10 years however due to the rules of the state I was only allowed to serve three of the years due to age restrictions. I feel that I owe the people seven years of service," said Morinello.

The Republican believes there needs to be a focus on both job creation and workforce development, and believes he has the judicial wherewithal to make changes happen.

Incumbent Assemblyman John Ceretto is seeking a fourth term. He switched his party affiliation last summer and now plans to run as a Democrat.

Ceretto says right now he's focusing his efforts on several issues in the district and hasn't even thought of the campaign yet.

"Jobs is always the top priority, it's always been," Ceretto said. "I believe we've made some progress I really truly do but we haven't gone far enough so we got to continue to do that. Bring in low cost power to this area is another top priority in the future and it has been one in the past for jobs."

Along with economic development, Ceretto also says aging infrastructure needs more attention.
"We've seen some issues in Niagara Falls with their water pipes," Ceretto said. "It's going to be my job to help bring resources here to fix that problem it's a big problem here in the city of Niagara Falls but it's also one that is not only in Niagara Falls."

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